What Aileth African Americans?

It looks like the fate of the black person be they native Africans or their extended cousins all over the world especially in US America, is sealed and they are reduced by all practical measure to complaining, being despondent, catching the rear or presenting themselves to other races like persons owed something and deserve to be paid back. While that may very well be historically supported due to slavery and colonial incidences, when shall the crying stop?

The African leader is mired in inter and intra-tribal conflicts and shamefully depends on former colonial masters on what to do. The leader steals and robs national treasuries, stashes the monies in foreign accounts and prefers to own mansions in foreign land, seek medical treatment overseas and send his kids to colleges abroad.

Come to the most exposed and endowed black people on earth — the African-Americans. Their neighborhood is devoid of small businesses and enterprises that will afford employment to their own. There are hardly financial institutions – viable community banks or credit unions to extend resources to help nurture businesses. The dire absence of such empowering establishments is filled with mega-churches. After worship, majority of the church members return to establishments owned by persons other than their race to eke a living.

The black race devote inordinate amount of time wishing that someone from their race who passed on should come back. Leadership is absent in their dealings. When I was seeking support to run for Mayor of Dallas, I approached various community leaders. When it came to the African-American, I was referred to see a pastor, elected officials or Black leaders. I said well that is good. How about white leaders, Asian leaders and Hispanics? Why are black people consumed by who their leader is? I want someone to tell me who a white leader is?

Folks, this may sound like a sermon but when do we stop the cry? Martin Luther King is not coming back. Were he alive, he would have been discredited and dislodged from the black community. Look at Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young and those that shared the limelight with MLK. The jury is still out.

Until individuals take the responsibility to actualize and recognize that the ground will never be level and that we have to deal with what we have – making lemonade with lime; crying and complaining will only get breed sympathy but not invitation to deal-cutting and its attendant prosperity.

I am yet to understand why: folks shy from or don’t own establishments such as restaurants, business centers, convenience stores, grocery stores and financial institutions. These establishments create jobs and sustain most immigrant communities;

2.wealthy black folks do not develop real estate in their community or create small business funds to help promote entrepreneurial engagements?

3.blacks whether AA – African Americans or NA – Native Africans, wholeheartedly believe in the biblical saying: ‘No prophet is recognized in their own community,’ which is contrary to what others do. Others recognize their own and will collaborate with theirs before reaching out to others;

4.most black folks look to regular and government employment instead of business ownership and small enterprises; ethics in the black community is not strong when it comes to personal service industry. When I hire a ‘black’ people to work for me, instead of focusing on the task at hand, they want to chat and get close and personal. But when I hire Hispanics, they stick to the task and even when I extend them things like water or snacks, they politely turn the offer down and do not demand to be paid ahead of job completion.

The list of things on ‘why’ are endless. Salvation as we know it can never be gained wishing for dead ones to come back or hoping that others see and hear our cries and out of the goodness of their heart, send us milk and honey. It may happen but at a costly price.

Other minorities have taken the position. They allow blacks to be the ones making the ‘cry’ on minority issues while they strategically step in after the policies are changed to gain advantage and traction. What competition recognizes and respects, is another well-oiled competition ready to do battle – unapologetically.

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